What is OmniGeek?

Firstly, we’re not a digital agency offering you e-commerce or web development services. We’re here to enhance whatever relationships and arrangements you have in place.


OmniGeek is a consultancy service that sits either side of your digital projects (the bookends) and compliments your transformational journey. We help you make the right choices to ‘wow’ your customers and embed your solutions to ‘wow’ your employees.

Why did I set OmniGeek up?

Having spent more than 16 years delivering digital change within various industries, it became clear to me that even with digital being the norm now, many businesses are still struggling with 3 key areas:

  1. Deciding which direction to head in, in a visionary way that can be sold and embraced by the business;

  2. Embedding a truly ‘digital first’ culture within all aspects of a business – making business fit for the future.

  3. Increasing customer engagement – optimising multi/omni channel solutions business invest in – covering webchat, chatbots, Social Media and knowledge base FAQs.

With Generation X, Y & Z all being born within the digital age, I passionately believe that companies need to adopt a vibrant, dynamic workforce and workspace to keep ahead of the curve and attract and retain the talent needed to stay alive. Generation Alpha (our kids and grandkids) will have huge expectations when they reach working age.

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I’m Steve Allcock, founder of OmniGeek – a digital strategy and culture consultancy, which aims to help you define your digital journey and embed the right practices to maximise success.