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IOT - Removing the fear of digital

The internet is ingrained in everything we do these days.

When out and about, we're using satnav in the car, self-serve checkouts at the supermarket or paying for things contactless. At home, there's streaming music through your AI systems (Alexa, Google Home etc), watching something on demand or controlling your heating and lights via an App. And heaven forbid the Wi-Fi crashing when the kids are home!

In business, processes are being automated through robotics, machinery is being stripped back and optimised and flexible working is becoming more of a standard practice.

Whether we like it or not, we rely on digital services and AI more than we realise in our day to day lives.

Although these technologies are the norm and part of society, there is still a lot of nervousness around them, even when some companies are making it mandatory or online by default. Whether it's accessing bills, making payments or processing our personal details, there are still some - even within our workforce - that just don't trust it, for various reasons. Much of it is down to fear of the unknown.

IoT (internet of things) is fast becoming the way in which businesses innovate, to position themselves ahead of the curve. Companies are moving away from simply building websites and cutting cost - instead implementing integrated platforms and opening social media channels to be more accessible to consumers. It's all about making products and services accessible, simplistic and trustworthy. If your business can create the ability for your machinery to learn as well as just operate, you're really cracked it!

However, for business to achieve these things and provide a truly personal and immersive experience, there is still foundation work that needs to be addressed. There is a risk of technology running so fast that we simply can't keep up, or the gap in confidence grows even wider. There is also a fine line between driving cost efficiency through automation and removing the human touch and personalisation. Although the pressure is on, we need to learn to walk before we can run - but learn fast!

“And just like any company that blissfully ignored the Internet at the turn of the century, the ones that dismiss the Internet of Things risk getting left behind.” — Jared Newman

In addition to the pace of technology evolution, lots of businesses are doing what's referred to as 'digital sugarcoating' when they refer to their 'transformation' into online sales and services. This is because lots of companies assume that by implementing a new digital product, they've achieved their goals and transformed their proposition. In reality, your journey has only just begun.

The road to being relevant is never ending and it's essential that investment is made within your business, not just within your customers experience. Attracting and retaining skilled individuals that can handle a fast moving environment, should be a key factor in who you recruit and where you put them. The way you run your business, the creativity and influence you encourage and the leadership you portray, are all equally important factors which often get overlooked, but have huge implications on your success.

Our aim at OmniGeek is to:

  • paint a picture - articulate the art of the possible for your business and what the future may look like in your industry;

  • humanise technology - educate your workforce about the different types of technology on offer, in a way that everyone can understand;

  • bust the myths - a collaborative approach to understand and address concerns;

  • engage your customers - the best way to ensure you get things right, is to create a space and ability for them to communicate with you;

  • implement a vibrant, dynamic and creative workspace - investing in WHERE your staff work, will benefit HOW they work. We help businesses define and create the space and processes needed to encourage ideas and continuous improvement. This does wonders for engaging and collaboration across your business.

  • build 'tribes' with your operation - similar to agile/scrum teams, when venturing into unknown territory it's best to start small and build iteratively. We can help you build and embed the structure and methodology to achieve this.

It doesn't matter how big your business is, all you need is ambition and a desire to stand out!

Whether you're a sole trader who wants to attract more customers, or a large enterprise looking to strip cost and remain competitive, OmniGeek can support you on your journey.

Get in touch for an informal chat and discover what opportunities there are within your business.

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